Our Alcohol & Drug Detox Program

Our program is a powerful and unique program that results in over a 70% success rate.

We are a complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. We specialize in complex addictions which is why we are the “go to” program for other drug rehab programs that cannot help many of the medical type cases they run across.

The key to our rehab is our integrative medical approach utilizing the most advanced methods for a comfortable drug withdrawal to a further step of purging the residual drugs and toxins from the body using a Sauna Detox. Once the body is drug free and rejuvenated, one will feel healthy and alive again.

We provide a fun and comfortable environment with real world life skills curriculum including group sessions regarding Chronic Pain Management, Acupuncture & Eastern Philosophies, Nutrition, Daily Fitness, Prescription Medications and Biomedical Conditions, Communication Skills, Emotional Regulation, and Stress Management. We also provide individual Life Recovery Counseling, Family Sessions and Grief Counseling.

We know that each person is different in what they are facing medically, and that there are common problems that relate to addiction as well. This is why our program is individualized with an exact program for you.

Our successes are often seen as miraculous. This is due the the fact that we don’t follow just one method of wellness and medicine. We utilize both ”standard”, western medicine as well as holistic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture & acupressure, nutrition, etc. We have had clients opt for hyperbaric treatment for specific maladies as well as daily nutritional I/V treatments. We utilize the best doctors available for these services and it allows us to be a one stop to treat most cases that aren’t accepted by other programs. We have a 70% success rate for a reason, whereas most programs have a success rate in the 20% range.

Most clients that come to us for a simple prescription or street drug addiction find our program to be quite easy, comfortable and rewarding. Though we are not at a 100% success rate, we find that anyone that ran into trouble after our program tends to come back to us, rather than searching for a different treatment center. This means something: they know we have the solutions.

We are referred to by many other programs. When they feel they cannot help, they refer clients to the program that can.

Our environment is not like most drug rehabs. We provide a comfortable setting and we only accept people that want our program and are looking forward to a future of being drug free and productive in the life they choose.

With the length of your program done to result, combined with our success rate and a year-long relapse guarantee, with the addition of an aftercare plan, why look at any other program?




We post occasional success stories to our website here. You can find these here: blog or Testimonials & News page.

My experience here was the best experience I have had at any program I have been through. I was skeptical about coming out here but once I got here I found out this place is unlike anything I could have imagined. The staff were very courteous and helped me with any problems I had an I’m going to miss them once I leave. – RG

I can’t say enough about the staff here. They really made this the great experience that it was. Thanks for everything and for helping me get my life back! – TT


Why Drug Detox?

Our medical detox program makes a rapid and significant difference in the quality of people’s lives by creating a perfect synergy of medical expertise with a physical and emotional supportive program that recognizes and deals with the trauma and grief of its clients.

Once a person has been medically detoxed, the patient then starts a whole body cellular cleanse, known as biophysical treatment, which removes drugs and alcohol out of the body. Our biophysical detox is a natural, but effective procedure which implements a regimen of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, light exercise, and sauna therapy.

After completing the cleanse, the client will then begin his/her Life Recovery Program. The counseling is individualized, one-on-one counseling, which addresses the reasons why a person is abusing drugs, and then provides solutions to these problems. We heavily focus on Life Skills and tools for repairing, building and maintaining a new and revitalized life.

Pür Detox is one of the most effective alcohol and drug detox and treatment programs available because it specializes in the handling of the most common reasons for relapse and addiction: insufficient detox, withdrawals, emotional issues, mental cravings, and physical dependency. A major aspect of the Pür Detox program is to administer a medically supervised regimen that systematically reduces the dependency of any drug, opiate, stimulant, prescription drug or alcohol.

Pür Detox is a progressive alcohol and drug detox program, based on medically sound support and cutting-edge techniques that truly rehabilitates the good-natured potential that each human being possesses inside. The program stresses effective one-on-one care for each individual.

Our detox methods are fast and gentle, in an upscale environment that stresses safety and emotional support. Pür Detox is one of the few programs that offers a biophysical treatment, which literally expels the stored-up drugs from the body, helping the person to regenerate cellular integrity. This is an essential and vital part to breaking forever those chains to drug and alcohol dependency and creating a new level of health and vitality. Our prescription detox and alcohol detox are some of the very best in the country.

You will not find any better alcohol and drug detox treatment program than that offered at Pür Detox . No other program takes a person from being a victim and a slave of substance abuse, to a bright and able person who looks to the future with hope.

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